Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Son Santuary listed in the World Heritage site

My Son Sanctuary is located in the Quang Nam province which is 69 Kilometers south-west of Danang. It was an imperial city during the Champa dynasty, a centre for spirituality and worship between the 4th and the 12th centuries.

My Son Santuary has been listed in the World Heritage site as well, for its exemplification of the heights of Cham architectural achievement and hence is one of the top Vietnam tourist attractions. My Son Santuary is a large complex of religious monuments comprised of more than 70 architectural works built by the nobility of the Champa Kingdom deriving their cultural and spiritual influences from Indian Hinduism.

Only 25 vestiges remain today as a standing witness to the reign of Chama Dynasty. These are temples and towers connected to each other through complicated red brick design to reflect the divinity of the king.

My Son Santuary has been listed in the World Heritage site

One of the most recognised of the Vietnam popular destinations, all temple towers in My Son Sanctuary were built on quadrate foundations each comprising three parts representing different aspect of religion.

The solid tower base represents the world of human being, the sacred and mysterious tower body represents the world of spirit and the tower top built in the shape of a man offering flowers or of trees and animals representing things close to spirits and human beings.

My Son Sanctuary,is a popular place for sightseeing in Vietnam. It is considered to be Champa’s counterpart to the grand cities of South-East Asia’s other Indian Influenced civilization like Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Lo Pagan in Myanmar among others.

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