Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bach Ma National Park in Hue City

Bach Ma National Park is approximately 50km south of Hue City.

It has a temperate climate much like that of Dalat, Sapa and Tam Dao. However, since it is located so close to the sea, the temperature in winter never goes below 4°C (39.2°F) and the highest temperature in summer never exceeds 26°C (79°F).

Given these advantages, the French transformed Bach Ma into a summer resort in the early 1930s. The area comprises 139 villas and auxiliary buildings, such as the post office, bank, tennis court, etc. Unfortunately, the war and lack of maintenance have significantly affected these constructions.

On 15 July 1991, the Bach Ma National Park was officially founded. Bach Ma has breath-taking natural landscapes and is a good place for camping, bathing, and outdoor activities.

Still, the beautiful National Park houses 931 species of animals of which 83 wildlife species, including tigers and monkeys. It is also home to 333-odd species of birds known to inhabit Vietnam. More than 1,406 species of plants have also been identified.

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