Sunday, January 13, 2013

World's longest cable hanger in Vietnam

Vinpearl Land Cable Hanger is over Nha Trang sea, connecting Nha Trang with Hon Ngoc Viet tourism area on Hon Tre island. This is the world's longest Hanger and it can contain the most people in one cabin.

The construction started in August 2006. After more than 14 months of building, the Hanger Cable was put into operation on March 10, 2007. On every viewing corner of Nha Trang city, the tourists can see a system of cable hanger with 9 cable pillars having the shape of Eiffel tower in France. 

The Cable Hanger is 3,320 meters long with 9 pillars, the highest of which is 54.65 meters, the shortest is 7.96 meters. Its total weight is up to 7000 tons. However such equipments like gas station, cabins..imported from France are counted for one fourth of the total 200 billion dongs ($10 million). It is nearly considered absolutely safe.
Vinpearl Land

The cable hanger is designed to have 65 cabins, serving 1500 tourists per turn every hour. Each cabin will run through the route between Nha Trang and Hon Tre island for nearly 9 minutes 20 seconds. The hanger can withstand the level 7 wind, the maximum compensation cost for an accident on one cabin is 12 billion dongs ($600.000).
Vinpearl land

Seating on the Vinpearl Cable Hanger at the height of 54 meters, the tourists can view thoroughly the marine city and Nha Trang Bay, one of the world's most beautiful bays under a strange view. This Cable Hanger took the interest of a lot of people while being under construction. Based on the length, the Cable Hanger is considered to be the longest in the world and is able to receive Guiness world record. For this reason, Discovery Channel sent one responsible team to record first images of his Hanger.  


In addition to the stretching wonderful beach, recreational areas that the nature gifts, the Cable Hanger Vinpearl Land adds one more reason for the local as well as foreign tourists to choose Nha trang as their destination.

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