Friday, December 21, 2012

Most beautiful Flowers in Dong Thap

Covering an area of 60 ha, Tan Quy Dong Flower Garden is located in Tan Quy Dong district, Dong Thap province. The garden is famous for the most beautiful flowers but the most precious plants in the South Vietnam as well. There is no doubt that the Tan Quy Dong Flower Garden is one of Dong Thap’s greatest attractions to tourists in Vietnam travel.

In spring, Tan Quy Dong flower garden is covered with new colorful outfit decorated with various types of flowers. Tourists in Vietnam travel gather here to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the garden. Spring is definitely the best time to visit Tan Quy Dong garden during the year, when the weather turns warm with sunshine and gentle wind.
Tan Quy Dong flower garden Dong Thap
The flower garden has many precious plants, some of which may reach the age of hundreds of years old. Strolling around, you may also catch sight of popular trees such as star-fruit trees, fig trees, or areca, etc. As time gone by, under the skilful hand of the craftsmen, these popular trees have transformed into valuable pieces of bonsai arts.
The garden is well-known for its colorful and beautiful flowers which can be found any season, not Spring only. Especially, roses and amber trees are the ones that bring fame to this garden. The garden prides itself on its 50 species of roses such as Black Baccarat Rose, Cleopatra Rose, Elizabeth Rose, Mascara Rose, etc.
Today, when the flower art has become more and more poplular, the garden’s reputation also increases constantly. Surely, whoever joining tours to Vietnam and visiting Dong Thap, the land of pink lotus, feel very pleased.

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