Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat

Location: Cam Ly waterfall is located in Cam Le spring, which is about more than 2km from the centre of Da Lat city. 

Feature: The grandiose waterfall with the view of Pine Hills around made a great impact on visitors’ mind.


Visitors wandering along the Xuan Huong Lake could hear the sound of springs. A spring flows to the lake from the north, another flow out from the south under a bridge near the bus station. The bridge is the dam to equalize the water level in the lake. The two both spring’s names are Cam Ly. The water flows to the west to a marble area, which create Cam Ly waterfall.

It is famous in Dalat with the height of 30m. In rainy season, the water from the upper source flows to the waterfall to create the fog, which looks very romantic. That is why Cam Ly has appeared in poem, songs and pictures of artists. Cam Ly was introduced in Revue Indochine magazine of France before.

According to the legend by the elderly in this land, Cam Ly was named in K’Ho language (an ethnic group in Da Lat). When the Cam Le spring flows through a village in Dalat, its head person who was a K’Ho person named K’Mly, therefore, people took his name to the waterfall to tribute his credit in controlling the village. Besides, there is a theory that Cam Ly was originated from Chinese – Vietnamese language.

Cam Ly means a symbol of sweet water spring, which seduces the visitors. Cam Ly was close to a hill of pine which named Boie d’ramour (the forest of love), but the forest is no longer available now. The waterfall lack of water in the dry season but there is lots of water in rainy season and many blocks of water flow down formidable.
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