Friday, October 19, 2012

Traveling to Bai Dai beach

Bai Dai beach

This is a new beach, which is mentioned recently. Bai Dai (in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Ranh Township) is becoming more crowded like the princess being wakened up after the years of sleeping quietly.
When the road of 21km connected the area of South Lo River, Nha Trang to Cam Ranh airport is brought into use since 30th April 2004; Bai Dai became an interesting tourist spot to welcome the visitors in their journey from North to South Vietnam.

According to the planning, in the future, Bai Dai will become the important tourist spot of the South Khanh Hoa with the total usage area of 200ha. There are tourist spots of three and four stars with the beautiful resorts in the first place of Vietnam. However, that is the far future, now you can still come to Bai Dai to enjoy a pristine beach. Bai Dai beach is curling with more than 10km long; the far distance is the islands blocking the sea. Bai Dai’s current look has seduced many visitors who stopped here by accident or by the introduction of the friends.


From the beginning of Binh Tan Bridge to Bai Dai road, Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard leads you to the path of only 10km and about 12km from Cam Ranh airport. The curling road crossing Dong Bo Mountain is a circle. You continue to the soil road of more than 200m to Bai Dai beach in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Ranh Township. There are about 30 houses of local people to sell the products to serve the visitors even in the rainy or sunny days because even it is on rainy days, there are still people coming. The tents are also made to serve the fresh sea foods with the better price than the restaurants in Nha Trang city.

The area of Bai Dai beach is only 1km long from the foot of the mountain to the next beach. The sand is smooth and clean here. On quiet day of the sea, the tide is low to let a whole white sand area (so this place is called Bai Dai). You would feel excited o meet the small crabs chasing each other in the sand without fearing the human.

The beach is quite shallow here, so it is safe for visitors even if they do not know swimming. The most interesting thing is that beside the beach, each trading household also has fresh water well with the depth of nearly 2m. The fresh water is free here.

The journey to Bai Dai today is also a journey of discovering. You would have to send your vehicles kept in the parking lot and carry the food and drink along to climb on the sand hill. Around the area, the sand is white with the interlace liana creating the green carpet. Let’s enjoy a sunny day with Bai Dai.

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