Thursday, October 18, 2012

The cave pagoda Tiên in Lạng Sơn

Lạng Sơn is famous for its beautiful spots Nhị Thanh grotto, Mẫu Sơn mountain, Tam Giáo grotto and Tiên pagoda. Tiên pagoda (also named Song Tiên) is located inside the mount Đại Tượng, 2km from Lạng Sơn city and classified as national relic in 1992.

From distance, Đại Tượng mount looks like a big elephant lying in the green rice-field Phia Luông. It’s a scenic mountain full of natural wonders. The cave Tiên lies half the way to the mountain peak and you have to go up 65 stone-steps that make you feel on the way to fairy-land. Inside there’s a big stalactite that looks like a person seated on a stone. It’s said to be the fairyman who went down to earth to make a well for the people and it’s a fairy’s well, 20cm wide with never-ending water. The locals established an altar to worship him.
Tiên pagoda and cave is well naturally-made. From the doorway there are thousands of stalactites and stalagmites sparkling in sunlight in different shapes and sizes (flying bats, elephants, fairies...). It’s really a wonder world that makes the cave more attractive. It’s also the worship place, to put their wishes and desires inside the mountains, there are more small grottoes mutually linked and you can view the whole sight of Lạng Sơn city.
There are also stone steles, it’s really sources of the cave history and good for literature studies written by poets, writers and mandarins in feudalist time.
Every year when comes the 18th of January, there’s a festival in Tiên pagoda. It takes place in one day only and visitors from all corners come to Lạng Sơn to burn incenses, to wish for good luck. There are traditional games and sports such as lion-dance, human-chess, sli singing... It’s a cultural activity of Lạng Sơn people.
Tiên pagoda is a destination well-known in Lạng Sơn city.

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