Friday, October 12, 2012

Sapa and Feelings

Sapa and Feelings 

When I was at school, Sapa Town appears with the “cloud color waterfall, humid forest, and fire-like banana flowers”. That was like a mighty and lively picture of Sapa which makes me eager to catch. I was dreaming to be on Sapa one day to witness the magical of this land. And I was here, today!

I came to Sapa town in a winter day. On a unstable car, we crossed the streets and slope, and I was so delighted to be in a magical land. The Sun is like honey to cover the forest and flows into the valleys across the other side of the mountains. I was never been close to cloud like that. They come through the streets bringing the humid and cool into the car, which makes me very excited.

Here comes Sapa, mould-green peach flowers are opening slightly, here and there was the orchards, and roses to invite people to come. No expression can cover the beauty of Sapa, the beauty given by nature.
In the evening, I was rolling down the street. I was burst into laugh when I saw the ethnic women in colorful dressed inviting guests and even the foreigners to buy their products. Beside the stair, a boy is playing leaf pan-pipe passionately. There is something sad in his eyes, maybe his girlfriend is missing the date. The moon is sparkling, the streets are fanciful and drifting.

My friend invites me to the ancient rock land; see Cloud Bridge and Ta Van village. Who could refuse such an amazing night with the moon light like that. The moon was brighter when being out of the town, spreading the forest was the light of graceful moonlight. In the middle of old forest, there is only sound of waterfall, and the sparkling light of moon. How peaceful it was!

At midnight, the streets are quiet. The lights are blurred by the fog and it was so dry cold. Putting a hot roasted sweet potato between two palms, I wish to have someone beside to share this very moment.
Bringing the cold of Sapa inside the bed room, I was scold by my nany to go out so long, which made me felt so small and warm. Being deeply in the sleep, but there is somewhere in my mind feeling illuminated by a graceful light.

Good bye Sapa with the beautiful moments like fairy tales, I hope to be able to catch those again in the near future.

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