Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pac Po Cave

Pac Bo is a small village in Truong Ha Commune, Ha Quang District, 350km from Hanoi and 55km north of Cao Bang Town. It is where the T’rung and Mang Rivers meet. Suitably, Pac Bo means, “mouth of the source”
The famous Coc Bo Cave is where, in 1941, President Ho Chi Minh, upon returning from 30 years abroad, established his residence and worked on Vietnam’s revolutionary course. At the foot of Karl Mark Mountain is Lenin Stream, which was named by President Ho Chi Minh.

In Khuoi Nam, 1,000m from the Coc Bo Cavem Ho Chi Minh presided over the 8thsession of the Indochina Communist Party (now Vietnam Communist Party) Conference in May 1941. Even now, this location remains a sacred place for the Vietnamese. Endowed with beautiful mountains and rivers, Pac Bo is quickly developing into a popular tourist area.

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